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Why Choose Us?

MetroFire Services offer solutions for fire asset management and compliance. We are the fire asset specialists that Sydney’s commercial and government sectors can rely on. Here are some reasons why you should speak to MetroFire about safely and efficiently adhering to fire compliance.

    • Competency: MetroFire Services can deliver a complete and efficient inspection and testing service for your building. We understand the time constraints of this sort of work. Therefore we can work flexible hours and provide comprehensive support, training and consulting that ensure your premises complies to all Australian fire safety standards.
    • Streamlined: We have designed our clear invoice auditing system with the end user in mind. Our streamlined invoice auditing and asset reporting systems will minimise lengthy admin duties and optimise your operational efficiency.
    • Experience: Over 20 years of industry experience and a team of respected local professionals who are all specialised in fire asset management and fire safety compliance.
    • Reliability: MetroFire Services provide added assurance with every project. Our fully integrated systems, premises, processes and staff along with being compliance to WH&S 2011 mean that building managers have peace of mind.
    • Affordability: Complete end-to-end fire asset management, support and compliance for a cost-effective and competitive price.

We offer complete fire safety solutions along with guaranteed deliverables that can’t be found elsewhere in Sydney. For an experienced and respected fire asset management company in Sydney – speak to MetroFire Services today!

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