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Our 24 hour response teams carry high quality fire safety equipment with them on every job. We find ways to optimise efficiency for your business.

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Fire Asset Maintenance

No matter the challenges in your facility, such as high failure rates, difficult access situations and high frequency maintenance – MetroFire Services have successfully dealt with these issues before.


Our multi-skilled technicians are licensed and equipped to meet your requirements. We understand the demands of your facility; therefore we can work flexible hours. We also provide a rapid response unit that is available for 24 hour call-out to assist in the event of urgent maintenance. We offer prompt and professional response and competitive pricing that has pleased many clients in the past.


We always stock a wide range of fire related equipment suitable for diverse facility types and sizes.

  • Standard sized fire doors and all fire door related furniture.
  • Pressure tested exchange extinguishers comprising CO2, Dry Chemical, Water, Foam and wet chemical. Over 500 units covering all sizes.
  • Substantial stock of new portable extinguishers.
  • A large inventory of replacement emergency lighting and exit signs comprising all the common types and sizes.
  • A wide variety of fire detection components to minimise replacement down time. This includes heat alarms and detectors, smoke alarms and detectors, of many various brands and types.
  • Range of replacement hose reels, hydrant valves, sprinklers for most hydraulic requirements.
  • Range of passive fire related materials including fire collars and fire rated lighting.


  • Quality equipment: We only source high quality components and replacement equipment that provide clients with improved durability, longevity, and value for money. We have high volume purchases and pass our savings onto our clients.
  • Well-established: In Kirrawee we have an accredited hydrostatic pressure testing station providing efficient and cost effective maintenance solutions for portable extinguishers. The Kirrawee location provides access to effective transportation links to any property within the greater Sydney area.
  • Well stocked and ready: Large volume and wide range delivers purchase power. This delivers considerable savings for clients.
  • Rapid response vehicles: Designed for transferring high volumes of extinguishers and any fire related equipment for larger facilities.
  • Outsourcing: The majority of services provided are in house. Outsourcing is a rare requirement. This offers added assurance and affordability.

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