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Make safety your first Priority

    Take Aim To
    Achieve Compliance


    Efficient & compliant service delivery for all your inspection and testing requirements
    Cost effective solutions to programmed & scheduled maintenance on all fire assets.
    Majority of resources in house
    24/7 emergency callout service

    WH & S compliant evacuation planning & training service including firefighting equipment operations.

    Accurate documentation for Annual Fire Safety Statements, Australian Standard Inspection Certificates and various Insurance requests.

    METROFIRE SERVICES is an independently owned Australian Company based in Sydney NSW. MetroFire delivers COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS to fire asset –

    • Auditing, Inspection & testing
    • Programmed asset maintenance
    • Cost effective maintenance & repair solutions for high cost assets
    • Installations & upgrades
    • Evacuation plans & procedures
    • Fire equipment training
    • Certification

    METROFIRE SERVICES is specifically designed to EFFICIENTLY MANAGE larger scale building and facilities portfolios.

    • Management time minimised for all areas of fire compliance
    • Preplanning and combining inspection, testing and programmed maintenance schedule
    • Highly developed documentation systems in common user friendly formats
    • Fixed price service levels applied to all assets
    • Competitive pricing structures
    • Innovative management of Evacuation planning and fire training for WH&S compliance

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