Simplifying Fire Asset Management

Test + Audit + Maintenance = Compliance


Testing and Repairing of your Fire Assets

Our industry-specific fire auditing software and expert team streamline the compliance process by simplifying complex auditing requirements and simply defining assets, defects, and cost structures.

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Upgrades and Installations

MetroFire Services offers comprehensive upgrades and installation services for fire safety systems and mechanical air services:

  • Work closely with clients to ensure a seamless transition for the proper integration of fire assets.
  • Adhere to Australian standards and local council requirements.
  • Offer up-to-date and obligation-free advice based on industry standards and best practices.
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Asset Maintenance

Experienced with the most challenging of repairs, our highly skilled 24-hour response teams are available for regular fire system maintenance outside of regulatory testing and compliance requirements across Sydney.

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Fire Safety Assessments and Certification

Our Assessing team offer comprehensive fire safety reporting to meet the current NSW EPA Reg requirements.

We are qualified to assess all Statutory Fire Measures as required by the EPA Reg 2000.

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At MetroFire Services, we dedicate ourselves to providing specialised fire asset management to protect life and property whilst servicing the needs of Building, Facility and Strata Managers.

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accredited fire measures

About MFS

Our experienced team provide full-spectrum Fire Asset Services across Sydney and Southern NSW for:

  • Commercial, industrial and residential buildings of all sizes
  • Large-scale warehouses
  • Retail and Hospitality premises
  • Educational Facilities
  • Government and Council Facilities

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