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Streamline your compliance process with our advanced fire audit software that makes easy work of complex auditing requirements.

Take Aim To
Achieve Compliance

Fire Asset Audit System

As of August 2017 MetroFire Services have moved to an Industry specific software system.

  • Easily modified, and designed for use by Technicians, Building managers.
  • Highly defined descriptors for locations and asset types.
  • Highly defined defect descriptors that align with fixed cost maintenance descriptors.
  • Easy remote access that provides complete oversight of your safety assets from a remote location.
  • Complete transparency of operations. This includes easy cross-referencing invoices, defect reports and price lists

With the MetroFire Services Fire Asset Audit Software, you can streamline the compliance process. You will achieve greater flexibility and efficiency of fire-related issues. Our user-friendly system makes light work of defining assets, defects and cost structures.

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