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MetroFire Services are a well known and respected fire asset management, fire safety and compliance organisation located in Sydney.

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About Us

Who are we?

MetroFire Services are a well known and respected fire asset management, fire safety and compliance organisation located in Sydney. Founder and director Greg Blanche has worked extensively in the fire protection industry since 1986. He has also been a dedicated professional fire-fighter and officer for Fire Rescue NSW for the past 29 years, serving his local community.

He brings to clients his breadth of knowledge and hands-on operational experience to MetroFire Services. The company is uniquely placed in the Sydney marketplace as a one-stop-shop for everything that building managers would ever need for complete fire safety compliance and peace of mind.


MetroFire Services employ a team of industry specialists to assist with service all aspects of service delivery. All of our electricians, plumbers, fitters and fire door specialists have aligned their skills to the specific requirements of the fire protection industry. We can also expand our team to suit your specific service requirements.


At our Kirrawee facility, we have a technologically advanced testing and storage facility. This is where we rigorously test our portable extinguishers and other high pressure vessels. This facility embraces advanced processes that significantly minimise environmental impact. We also have a high capacity storage facility for new equipment and pre-tested extinguishers. Inspection of our impressive facility is encouraged for all clients, building and facilities managers.

Address: 3/24 Yalgar Rd, Kirrawee
Telephone: 1800 833 117


  • We deliver quality services that minimise the impact of fire on life and property.
  • We are committed to the robust and cost-effective delivery of services, via our highly developed systems, processes and experienced staff.
  • We deliver clear, transparent information to our clients, by integrating and aligning our reporting and audits with our client’s reporting systems.
  • We minimise lengthy and protracted administration by streamlining all aspects fire compliance.
  • We use a programmed maintenance schedule for all fire assets, for added client reassurance.
  • We use an advanced and compliant auditing and reporting system. This was developed specifically for ease of use.
  • Our systems are fully compliant with the requirements of WH&S 2011

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