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  • 1986
    Our founder, Greg Blanche (NSWFR ret), began his career in the fire protection industry with the purchase of Action Fire Protection Services, which had been in business since 1974.
  • 1990
    We were first established as Metropolitan Extinguisher Services. Greg and a small team of full-time Firefighters carried out fire inspections and maintenance on their days off from the Fire Brigade.
  • 1998
    We incorporated and changed our name to MetroFire Services. The majority of our customers were Strata buildings and the Sydney Catholic Schools.
  • 2004
    MetroFire employed its first 2 full-time staff members which included Shaun Penwarden.
  • 2007
    We finally moved out of the family garage and established our Head Office premises in Kirrawee, NSW. This was the turning point for the business, and saw significant growth over the next decade.
  • 2009
    Our staff numbers grow to 7 and customers to over 600. Our longest-serving employee Andrew began with us, and he's still here today!
  • 2010
    Moved away from paper and began using Simpro software.
  • 2015
    Greg invited long-term employee, Shaun Penwarden, to become co-owner. Staff were now up to 15, and customers reached the 800 mark.
  • 2017
    Moved to Industry-specific FireMate Software which provided greater clarity in reporting and testing.
  • 2021
    Moved to Uptick Software to provide a better Customer and Staff experience. We make it through Covid relatively unscathed with a team of over twenty staff.
  • Now
    MetroFire continues to grow significantly, servicing over 1300 properties and offering a full range of fire services from testing and maintenance to repairs and installation. Licenced in plumbing, electrical and joinery, we are now nudging 30 staff!


Our Team

MetroFire Services’ well-respected team of fire asset specialists comprises 25 full-time professionals and additional contractors.Experienced and educated to deliver on the holistic needs of the fire protection industry, our team boasts various skills and qualifications aligned to the specific requirements of the fire protection industry.


We will always act honestly and avoid conduct likely to result in the deception of others.


We do not seek to obtain benefits arising from other people’s unfair treatment.

Fair Reward

We avoid acts likely to result in another party being deprived of a fair reward for the work.




We maintain up-to-date skills and provide services only within our area of expertise.


We always regard the public’s interests, particularly those who have an interest in or use a property we service both now and in the future.


We will identify potential conflicts of interest and disclose the conflict to any person who would be adversely affected by them.


We will always provide information and warning of matters within our knowledge that are potentially detrimental to others who may be adversely affected by them.

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