Compliance & Certification

MetroFire Services offer end-to-end certification requirements for your building. We provide comprehensive documentation that is detailed, compliant and will satisfy the needs of a wide variety of agencies. We provide certifications to satisfy all local government and insurance companies, as well as Fire Rescue NSW and other service providers. Here are the details of some of our available certifications.


Let MetroFire Services handle the complex and technical aspects of your fire compliance requirements. We prepare and deliver correct documentation to you, the relevant council department and Fire Rescue NSW.

Our proactive staff effectively manage the completion of inspections, maintenance and non compliance issues within the regulatory time frames. This avoids compromising the due by dates and resulting fines. We ensure that all non-compliance issues are resolved in a timely manner. We can provide the certificate in the pre-defined format, as required by specific organisations and regulatory authorities.


After the satisfactory installation of fire assets into a building, MetroFire Services can issue a Fire Safety Certificate. We work alongside of various stakeholders to ensure that the fire safety certificate conforms to the needs of the local council. The certificate will be in a format defined by the Environmental Planning & Assessment Regulation and include details about all fire assets and locations.


MetroFire Services provide certification for your hydrostatic pressure tested extinguishers (in accordance with AS2030.1 and AS2337.1). Every five years, portable extinguishers must be operationally tested, dismantled and the components tested in accordance with Australian standards. Our licensed pressure test station can provide the appropriate documentation.


This certificate ensures that your facility is compliant to Australian standards for installation and performance. Use this for all of your insurance, site and equipment requirements. Certification means that your building meets all Australian standards.