Occupant Training

MetroFire Services specialise in comprehensive fire safety and fire asset management training. We understand that facility managers and occupants must have industry-leading safety training for it to be effective and memorable.

Our emergency response training equips staff and fire wardens with up-to-date methods that are compliant, practical and helpful in the unlikely event that an emergency occurs. Our highly qualified and experienced trainers reference WHS Bulletins, and industry and trade magazine updates in our training materials. Trainers stay abreast of changes in the industry and ensure that our training meets all industry compliance standards.

Evacuation plans & procedures

We can assist clients with a comprehensive assessment of your buildings emergency preparedness requirements. This includes the design and installation of evacuation plans and procedures that suit your buildings layout, staffing and surrounding environment.

First Response Training

Training sessions range from 90 to 120 minutes depending on your allocated schedule. Each course can include up to 15 participants and is divided into two core components, a theoretical component and a practical session conducted in a safe location.

Learning outcomes:

  • Types of fire
  • Identifying various types of extinguishers
  • The correct behavior when one discovers a fire
  • The correct operation of extinguishers for small controllable fires

Fire Safety Equipment discussed:

Along with e-learning aids, the group will encounter safety equipment and learn how to operate it.

  • Discharge Water extinguisher
  • Discharge CO2 extinguisher
  • Use of Fire Blanket
  • Fire hose reel
  • Gas training unit

Fire Warden Training

This 120 minute course is class-based and offers fire wardens comprehensive preparation in the event of a fire in the building.

Learning Outcomes

This dynamic and engaging class-room training makes us of audio-visual aids and e-learning material to explain the core safety principles of being a Fire Warden. The group will learn about:

  • Their obligations under the WH&S Act 2011
  • The role of ECO
  • The duties of ECO
  • The correct response and personal conduct in the event of a fire and/or medical emergency
  • Expected human behaviour during an emergency
  • Their personal accountability and reporting duties as wardens

Evacuation Test Exercise

A practical evacuation procedure is required by law to be carried out annually (as per AS3745). We require a time-frame of between 60 to 90 minutes to efficiently perform this test exercise.

The Procedure

  • The Briefing: This covers the scenario and gives wardens a brief run through of required competencies. This is where we collectively identify any short comings, challenges, failures and unexpected issues.
  • The Exercise: This is the practical drill that assesses performance. Observations will include time-frames for total evacuation, evacuation effectiveness and the accountability of all occupants.
  • The Debrief: This is an overview of the wardens’ performance of their duties. This allows us to collectively identify any problems encountered and how various control measures can be put into place. These control measures could be short, medium or long term.

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